List of Things to I Want to Do While in Japan

Just like the list of things to do before I leave, here will be the list of things to do when I get there. Some of the things on the list may be a little strange or you may think “why put that on a list anyway? That seems like a normal thing to do.” But it will also help me remember what I want to do while there. The list will continue to grow as I think of new things (and research places to go and do as well). Not in any particular order. Provided below the list are sources that I pulled some places from.

  1. Revisit host family in Uji (and walk the streets of Uji to see what changed)
  2. Revisit Harajuku and buy a cute black dress and whole outfit to go with it
  3. Revisit Akihabara and buy some things to send back home
  4. Go to Osaka (and explore)
  5. Go to Kobe (and eat the beef!)
  6. Climb Mt. Fuji (that may be a distant goal but it’s there…)
  7. See the 1:1 scale Gundam! (Odaiba, Tokyo)
  8. Monkey Park in Nagano
  9. Meiji Shrine in Tokyo
  10. Kenrokuen Garden in Ishikawa
  11. Play kamizumo with someone (it’s silly, but it looks like fun!)
  12. Go to Okunoshima (Bunny Island!)
  13. Walk down Tetsugaku no Michi (Philosopher’s Walk) in Kyoto during cherry blossom season

Sources: [RocketNews24]


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I like to write about anything and everything. From fictional writing about random characters I come up with in my head to research papers that requires hours of reading to get a single page in, I love it all.
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