An update on things: still no email about placement yet. It is making me worried because I keep thinking in my head: what if I don’t get placed? I know the chances of me not getting placed is slim, but jumping every time I hear my phone go off when I received an email can’t be healthy for me. I have told so many people that I am leaving and that I started to make arrangements for my departure. But it is tough saying “I don’t know” whenever someone asks me “where will you be in Japan?”

But I do understand that my placement will take longer because I am an alternate that got upgraded to short-list, so paperwork probably had to be started all over again. Still…everyone is getting their placements and the days are slowly counting down to the departure. If I don’t hear anything until the end of this week, then next week I will email the consulate and ask what’s up.

In the meantime, I am keeping myself very busy. I will be getting the first draft of my thesis back tomorrow to make the revisions and get that underway so that step can be done. I just had a meeting today about writing a sexual communication textbook (since one doesn’t really exist) and I have my chapters I am writing, so that is keeping me busy. Plus I am teaching a couple friends of mine Japanese so I can also revisit my Japanese. So that keeps me busy as well.

I am trying to keep my mind off the placements and just continue what I can until then. It’s hard and I am a paranoid person (always thinking of the worse case scenario) and I am impatient, but again, something I have to learn.

Plus I want to go shopping already 😛


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I like to write about anything and everything. From fictional writing about random characters I come up with in my head to research papers that requires hours of reading to get a single page in, I love it all.
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