Two Week Update – Nothing but Cleaning

So it’s been two weeks since I arrived in Japan and things are coming along nicely. I am slowly trying to organize my apartment to make it livable for at least two years. It is kinda hard to get rid of stuff since they were originally other people’s. However it is my apartment now and I get to do with it what I want! Although for now, I am just storing some old stuff from the people before me. If I find that I run out of room for things, then I will start getting rid of things. But for now, I am good.

I have been trying to get organized but the more I try to organize, the more I realize what I actually need. For example, I have not gotten trashcans for my trash yet. Japan recycles as much as possible and whatever can’t be recycled is burned. This makes for throwing away stuff tough because it all needs to be separated. Coming from a place where the trash is usually separated for you at the waste facility, this is taking some getting used to. The big things are burnables, plastics (プラ), and PET bottles (just bottles that held some sort of liquid). Luckily there is a label on the side of each item bought in Japan (for the most part) so it makes it easier to distinguish what is what. But you still need to separate them, put them in the respective places, and dispose of them on the correct days. So in order to stay organized, I need trashcans with labels on them for myself rather than just finding a plastic bag and putting them in it. I forget what I already have so I am left with like five plastic bags all with burnable stuff in it and whatnot.

Managing and taking care of a Japanese apartment is not terribly difficult once you know what is needed. Since I have hardwood floors, I don’t need to do much aside from vacuum and wipe it down every week. I planned to do that all today…but with the typhoon outside, it is slightly hard to clean without ventilation. But I am gathering the materials needed so I can do a massive clean when the weather lets up and I get those darned trashcans. But yes, no tatami mats so I don’t have to worry about that as much. I have one giant rug that takes up a little over half my living room so vacuuming that isn’t hard. The biggest things that will be hard to clean are the bathroom and kitchen. I do not want to get mold in my bathroom and bugs in my kitchen so I am doing my best to keep both as clean as possible. But again, with no ventilation, it is hard to do a thorough clean today. Hopefully the weather is nicer this week so I can at least clean one room at a time. Oh and do laundry. I cleaned the hell out of the washing machine (sorta) so I will do a load and see how it turns out. If I still need to clean it again, I bought the stuff. If not, then I am safe. Although I might want to buy a new one later on…we’ll see.

School starts September 1st so I have just been dicking around at the schools. Last week was the first time I went to the other schools. I like them all, especially the super chill and laidback ones. I am a laidback person so I like that atmosphere. Plus the teachers are super nice (well all of them are super nice) and helpful. Hopefully I can establish a good relationship with all of them so I can go out to eat with them and bond more (not to mention help me out by translating stuff for me).

Not much else has been going on aside from having no internet in my apartment still, TV is not connected, and it is raining. But I’m not complaining. It still hasn’t sunk in yet that I am living here in Japan, away from the comforts of home. So far, I have been able to find things that are similar to home and at the same time, find some different things to try. For example, when I go grocery shopping, I try to choose things I know what they are but at the same time, choose things that I have never eaten before that I want to eat. I will be doing that a lot and if you follow my Instagram @theibarakianlife, you will see so many foods that I am eating. I want to document these new things so I can one day look back on them and remember that oh yeah, I ate or drank that, and share it with others.

The only thing that sucks is having no internet. I had one day where I didn’t really want to get up and I was sad because I didn’t have internet to pick me up with internet videos that I love so much (I miss you, Game Grumps!). But I did exist in a time before internet and I did live without it for a period of time, so now it was time to revert back to that lifestyle and entertain myself the old fashioned way. In my case, it was writing. I wrote so much from stories that I pulled from my imagination and I am finding myself doing that again. Granted only specific scenes pop in my head, so now I am just reading through my old work and typing it up to be used again. Man my writing was god awful in 2005. Here’s hoping the seven years of college has given me the skills to edit these stories and make it better. Some are a lost cause while others still have potential in them.

That’s it for now. I will see if I can link my Instagrams here so you can see the different things I eat/cook/attempt to cook/fail to cook/end up eating instant food.


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I like to write about anything and everything. From fictional writing about random characters I come up with in my head to research papers that requires hours of reading to get a single page in, I love it all.
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2 Responses to Two Week Update – Nothing but Cleaning

  1. pageone333 says:

    Oh my God you kept us in suspense! UPDATES!!! I demands updates as tribute 😉


  2. Lucy says:

    Haha oh you will get updates…you will get them good! xD


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