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I like to write about anything and everything. From fictional writing about random characters I come up with in my head to research papers that requires hours of reading to get a single page in, I love it all.

Supplement Material: Omiyage (or gifts)

There is so much to say about omiyage that it merits a post of its own (to go with the theme of the JET application and post departure). Omiyage is an amazing and stressful thing. It is awesome because it … Continue reading

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Post Interview Process of the JET Program (and Preparations After)

So you finished your interview and you waited the two months while the JET gods are deciding your fate. After those two months, you will receive an email of either congratulations, you made it onto the short-list or you are on … Continue reading

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JET 20 Questions

Taken from the blog “Memoirs of a Gaijin”, here are some questions about my experience in the JET Programme and living in Japan. Although the common Every Situation Is Different (ESID) mantra is strong, it does help to have as … Continue reading

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