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Supplement Material: Omiyage (or gifts)

There is so much to say about omiyage that it merits a post of its own (to go with the theme of the JET application and post departure). Omiyage is an amazing and stressful thing. It is awesome because it … Continue reading

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Post Interview Process of the JET Program (and Preparations After)

So you finished your interview and you waited the two months while the JET gods are deciding your fate.¬†After those two months, you will receive an email of either congratulations, you made it onto the short-list or you are on … Continue reading

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Peace Out, 2014!

(I know it is a tad late but it still counts!) And talk about a crazy and amazing year. So much has happened that changed my life forever. So here is my recap of the important events (that I can … Continue reading

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