Japan Bucket List

Some of the things on the list may be a little strange or you may think “why put that on a list anyway? That seems like a normal thing to do.” But it will also help me remember what I want to do while there. The list will continue to grow as I think of new things (and research places to go and do as well). Not in any particular order. Provided below the list are sources that I pulled some places from. (And now organized)


  1. Revisit Harajuku and buy clothes that I fit in (heh heh…)
  2. Go to Osaka (and explore more)
  3. Go to Kobe (and eat the beef!)
  4. Revisit host family in Uji (and walk the streets of Uji to see what changed)
  5. Climb Mt. Fuji (that may be a distant goal but it’s there…)
  6. See the 1:1 scale Gundam! (Odaiba, Tokyo)
  7. Monkey Park in Nagano
  8. Meiji Shrine in Tokyo
  9. Kenrokuen Garden in Ishikawa
  10. Go to Okunoshima (Bunny Island!)
  11. Walk down Tetsugaku no Michi (Philosopher’s Walk) in Kyoto during cherry blossom season
  12. Go to Tashirojima (Cat Island!)
  13. Go to the Zao Kitsune Village in Miyagi
  14. Snow Festival in Sapporo in February
  15. Stay at the fancy Spirited Away ryokan in Nagano
  16. Go to the Tsukiji Market in Tokyo
  17. Eat at the famous ramen place in Ikebukuro
  18. Go to Tokyo Skytree
  19. Go to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea
  20. Ghibli Museum!
  21. Find the tobacco shop run by the shiba inu in Tokyo
  22. Visit every single one of the 47 prefectures at least once
  23. Totoro forest in Saitama
  24. Mei and Satsuki’s house (Totoro) in Aichi


  1. Play kamizumo with someone (it’s silly, but it looks like fun!)
  2. Go on a ramen tour!
  3. Go on an onsen tour!
  4. Bake a sweet potato in the ground with autumn leaves (yaki imo)
  5. Take up taiko drumming
  6. Fold 1000 paper cranes
  7. Sleep in a capsule hotel
  8. Go to a love hotel
  9. Go to a mixed onsen
  10. Try Fugu (poisonous blow fish)
  11. Learn how to cook omurice
  12. Learn how to took tonkatsu
  13. Learn how to cook tamagoyaki
  14. Learn how to make a bento boxed lunch from scratch
  15. See a sumo wrestling match
  16. See a kabuki show
  17. See the Christmas illuminations
  18. Spend a proper New Year’s in Tokyo Kyoto
  19. Whack a watermelon with a stick on the beach to signify summer is here (すいかわり)
  20. Buy a yukata and wear it at a summer festival
  21. Find a square watermelon (if they even exist)
  22. Pass the N4
  23. Pass the N3
  24. Eat all of the festival food at least once
  25. Go to an owl cafe
  26. Nagashi somen! (bamboo water flowing noodles)
  27. Make mochi with hammer (or at least whack it) (or make mochi for New Years)

Sources: [RocketNews24] [Maia Does Japan]


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